Conversion Optimization is No Different for Mobile than for Desktop

When mobile traffic first became readily available in the turn of the decade, there were a lot of bad impressions created by this type of traffic.

A lot of it is unfair to mobile traffic, if you were to ask me, seriously. Why?

Well, back then, people were able to drive traffic from mobile devices. The problem is, they did not have the proper strategies. They did not have enough experiences with that kind of traffic and they did not have the right tools to convert this trafffic into cold hard dollars in their bank account.

Now, fast forward to today and you have all sorts of media campaigns being runned on Facebook using mobile devices and a lot of this campaiigns make a lot of money. That's right. A lot of online stores that used to struggle as far as converting their traffic is concern are now making money hand over fist.

Somehow someway, people figured out that it's not the mobile traffic or the ultimate origin of the traffic that mattered. What mattered was the proper funnel and the proper handling of that traffic once it is delivered.

This has led to a massive sea-change and people's mindsets regarding the quality and adequacy of mobile traffic. Back in the bad old days, it was treated as some sort of digital marketing stepchild. It's something that you just bought because you have nothing else better to do with your budget. You're doing it primarily to overcome the rule of eight or build some initial level of consumer familarity.

The rules have changed, because the reality has change.

The digital marketers have finally figured things out. They were able to connect the dots. They were able to see the patterns and guessed what? They're now able to convert at very high rates. What accounts for this? Well, it's all about conversion optimization.

You have to understand that you still have to convert all elements of your funnel. I'm not just talking about the different stages of the sales funnel. I'm also talking about the elements of each stage.

For example, if you're driving people to a page, then you're going to be changing graphics. You're going to be playing around with the text of that page. You're going to be messing around with the font. In other words, every single element has to be optimized to produce an increase in conversions.

Make no mistake. Conversion optimization is no different and not any more serious for mobile than it is for desktop. Once you shift your attitude towards that level of optimization, you'd be surprised as to how awesome mobile traffic turned out to be.

In fact, we've been business for several years, we're still pinching ourselves as to how awesome mobile traffic is, because not only can it be cheap in certain context but you can convert it at a much higher rate. This is the holy grail that people had been looking for.

Wouldn't it be great to have access to cheaper traffic that you can convert at higher rates. In other words, you can explode your profit margin. This is now possible, thanks to mobile taffic.

However you have to play the game right. This is not one of those things that you just buy mobile traffic and expect it to convert over night. It doesn't work that way.

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