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Mobile Theory is both a service website and a resource website.

If you have checked out the blog section of this website, you probably already know that we write a tremendous amount of materials regarding different aspects of our industry.

As you probabaly have guessed, online mobile traffic can actually come from any different places. The most common place of course involves mobile apps where people are playing around with the apps, maybe they're in a game, maybe they're in some sort of a productivity tool, maybe they're in some sort of a scheduler or even a word processor, ad show up and when they clicked, the advertisers get traffic.

This is just one small part of the greater mobile digital advertising puzzle. There are many other types of traffic. A lot of these has to do with engagement, interaction and content consumption.

We truly believe that highly effective mobile advertising must be in line with traditional content marketing. It is absoutely necessary. In fact, we go so far as to say that it is a necessary condition for mobile traffic to produce anything good.

You have to understand that if your grand objective is to simply just dump a lot of traffic to the certain web page you control. You can do that easily. There are all sorts of digital media companies as well as direct traffic platforms you can buy tons of traffic from immediately. You just need apply your credit card and fill out an online form and you are in business.

The sad reality is, even if your website gets a lot of traffic, it's not going necessarily convert into cash. That's why we feature all these resources to help you understand the power of culture so as to maximize your conversions.

If you've been on our website more than a few times, you probably like the wide variety of content we have to offer. That's why we need your help.

You have to understand that we took a lot of time, effort and energy collecting all these materials. Unfortunately, some of these links do good bad. The reason for this of couse is, companies come and go. That's just a fact of life. That's just part of the risk when you put up any kind of business.

I'm not just talking about internet-based businesses. i'm not just talking about online services or platforms. Businesses do come and go.

The key here is to become part of the community conversation around our content so you can help us actively monitor and police the health of the links on this website. If you were to do that, you increase the value of this website and all its content. Not just for yourself but for everybody else.

This is the kind of culture we are fostering, by taking care of your own personal interest. In this case, clicking on the link and finding the right information that you need so you can solve problems. This can actually have a cascade effect or a snowball effect and help others as well.

The same goes with them. They may report dead link because they're trying to solve a problem and when we replace that link, it helps you. So let's all help each other because this is a community.

That's the bottom line. By investing our time, effort and focus into our community, we all become better off. Please help Mobile Theory reach the next level in terms of usability, usefulness and overall value.