Mobile Theory started out as a digital marketing agency targeting typical online traffic. I am of course talking about traffic generated by desktops, notebooks, laptops, those kinds of computing devices. This is due to a fact that Mobile Theory started shortly after the launch of the Apple iPhone.

It was very hard at that early age of our development to shake off our traditional preconceptions of what traffic should or should not look like. We fixed ideas regarding how traffic was generated and a lot of these older ideas stacked with us in the early years of the company's development.

Mobile Theory has gone through significant changes over the years. We have completely redefined our conception of traffic because as mobile devices enabled people from all four corners of the globe to connect with the internet and all its amazing content on a 24/7 365 day basis, all sorts of cultural patterns start to emerge. I'm not talking about culture in terms of ethnicity or national origin. I'm not talking about culture in terms of race, or gender. I'm talking about culture in terms of connection with data as well as attitudes towards online information.

It turns out that when people use mobile devices, they tend to scan content, they don't read. This is a big deal because this has a tremendous impact on ad effectiveness as well as mind conditioning.

Make no mistake. If you are trying to sell to people, you have to condition their minds, you have to give them the right kind of information at the right time in the right context so you can get the right outcome. That takes a lot of work. It definitely takes a lot of attention to detail.

This is not some one of those things that you just fill out a form for and somehow, somewhere, all this amazing traffic comes in. It doesn't work that way. You really have to know quite a bit about your customers so you can target them using mobile devices.

Mobile Theory went through several business plan changes and systematic overhauls until we got it right.

Its kind of like baking a cake. At first, you get all excited about treating yourself to some German chocolate cake but you end up getting disappointed time and time again because you don't know how the recipes stacks up. But after you have tried to bake a cake several times over, things start to fall into place and you start seeing how to lay things out.

The same applies to mobile traffic. After a tremendous period of experimentation, we have now come up with a culture-based approach to mobile traffic. In other words, we tap into the actual behavior of patterns of people on certain websites consuming certain types of content and make reasonably reliable predictons as to how they would behave given certain types of ads.

Now, we present those findings and those results to customers such as yourself. Because when you advertise with us, we don't just find sellers of mobile digital traffic, instead, we look for cultural indications as well as how these cultural indications of actual users would fit your specific marketing objectives.

By creating this tight fit between the platform, audience and advertiser objectives, we maximize what truly matters, your ROI. At the end of the day, digital marketing companies must be upheld accountable to this simple fact that they make you money online.

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We are happy to report that our customers gladly answer yes to this question. Otherwise, our business would not exist. Otherwise, we would not have a large amount of establishment found throughout the world who can't help but compliment the value we bring to the table.

If you're looking for a culture-based mobile advertising strategy, you have come to the right place.