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Powered by the Leading Mobile Platform in the World

AdMarvel™ not only powers Mobile Theory, but also the largest, biggest revenue-producing mobile properties in the world like CBS, Pandora, Conde Nast, Univision. Partners on our platform may prioritize variables like reach maximization, rate of delivery, frequency capping and apply targeting parameters such as audience segments, browser level data, demographics, geo, device type and much more.

Reporting. Metrics That Matter.

Real-time mid and post-campaign reports highlight numerous hard and soft metrics to inform media planning decisions. Our interface makes it easy for you to get the information you need to do your job better and faster.

Mobile For Your World

AdMarvel™ is built specifically for mobile; it is not a repurposed online ad server. Use it to hone in on the right users at the right time and place via geo, phone type, operating system, browser, day of week or hour-of-the-day, wireless carrier, connection type, keyword group, demographics, and behavioral targeting data.

Tap the Power of the World's Number One Mobile Ad Server.

That’s AdMarvel™. It delivers over 14 billion impressions per month across 7,000 mobile sites and apps. Advertisers appreciate it for its reliability. Advertisers love its accuracy and flexibility. And no matter the advertiser’s third party ad server, we’re so confident in our compatibility that billing off 3rd party numbers is standard.