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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you've got some basic questions. This FAQ will address most of what's on your mind. Once the initial technical questions are answered, we'll consult with you on ways to make the most of your mobile inventory.

What is the most common mobile ad size?

We like to keep it simple. The “320x50” has emerged as the common size, along with a few other standard variants. Our ad server scales and reformats the ad to fit the screen making it easy for publishers and advertisers. We have also seen a lot of popularity with the standard IAB 320x250 ad, which is near full-screen on most mobile devices. Mobile Theory supports all standard mobile ad units as defined by the Mobile Marketing Association:

  • Small banner (120×20)

  • Medium banner (168×28)

  • Large banner (216×36)

  • Extra-large banner (320×50)

  • iPhone banner (320×53)

We also support several video formats, rich media, expandable/collapsible ads, and full-page interstitials. These rich media formats are all compatible with our standard ad codes and SDK's.

More information on standardization of sizes can be found on our ad specifications page.

How can I drive traffic to my mobile site?

There are a number of promotion tools to help drive traffic to your mobile property. Here are a few tools to help increase mobile traffic:

1. Register with the major search engines

Yahoo! offers a mobile-specific search engine that's free to mobile content providers like you. Just register in the Management tools to receive highly targeted traffic from consumers who are keen to reach your content. There is no limit on the number of sites you can submit.

You might also want to consider boosting your search ranking on Yahoo! with paid-for premium positioning - visit for more information.

Google also offer a free mobile search engine, see for details.

2. Tell a friend

Drive additional traffic by adding ‘Tell a friend’ links to your site. It's easy to do and it means if someone likes your site they can hit the link and send a massage to their friend.

3. Web Triggers

Use Web Triggers or javascript ‘redirects’ to push visitors from your website to your mobile content.

4. Promotional texts

Send promotional texts to users who have opted in to your service, notifying them when you have new content. For just the price of the text message, you can interest your consumers with new content to keep them coming back for more.

5. Optimize for Mobile

Ensure your mobile website is designed for optimal viewing on various handsets. We can help.

How does Mobile Theory enable ad serving on my site or app?

Mobile Theory monetizes mobile web and in-app ad inventory. For publishers who have mobile-optimized versions of their websites (i.e. we offer a simple piece of javascript code, similar to the desktop web which renders an ad in real time. For apps, we provide you with our SDK to embed in the app software and that supports several rich media and video advertising formats. In either case, publishers and app developers receive a 360 degree mobile platform for inventory management, monetization and ad serving. Contact us to learn more

How is Mobile Theory different than the other ad networks?

While other networks have focused on direct-response advertisers that commoditize inventory, Mobile Theory is built for brand advertisers seeking high impact opportunities on premium mobile websites and apps. Our strategy enhances the value of your inventory. We attract high quality advertisers by working with high quality sites. It’s really is that simple.

I haven't developed a mobile version of my website. What should I do?

Data we’ve collected indicates that publishers who invest in a mobile-optimized version of their website see double digit increases in traffic as a result. First and foremost, we recommend you make the investment. For Wordpress blogs, we recommend a plugin called “WPTouch” that mobilizes your website on the fly. Techcrunch and DigitalTrends both use WPTouch. Once you’ve got your site ready to go, let us know. We’ll facilitate ad sales and adserving too.

Do you provide dashboard-style reporting, so I can view my earnings and traffic?

We do! Mobile Theory provides 24-7 access to near real-time reporting on all campaigns running on your mobile property. This gives you the insight and control you need to manage your valuable mobile inventory.

How do I join Mobile Theory?

Apply here to join the Mobile Theory network. We’ll review your application and get back to you within 48 hours.