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Right on the Monetization

Mobile Theory's proprietary ad platform, AdMarvel, is not only the world's number one mobile ad serving platform, but it is also our sister company. Both owned by Opera Software, Mobile Theory and AdMarvel combine to serve 14 billion impressions per month. AdMarvel is the trusted platform to the world’s largest moble publishers including CBS, MLB, Pandora and Nasdaq while Mobile Theory enables brands like Google, T-Mobile, Sega, and Wells Fargo to execute on their mobile strategies.

When choosing a network partner, you want to work with someone that will extract maximum revenue for your limited, targeted and premium inventory. And deliver relevant advertisers. We work with publishers in a consultative fashion. Showing you how to enhance the value of your inventory. Performance based advertisers commoditize your inventory. Our focus is on advertisers that pay premium CPMs for brand-building media placements.

Technology Isn't
Just for Advertisers


AdMarvel, Opera's proprietary mobile platform that powers MobileTheory, creates new mobile inventory and serves the type of high-impact, rich ad formats advertisers crave. Use Mobile Theory to improve on eCPM's generated by broadly-targeted ad networks. We drive revenue from sources that compliment your site and enhance the user experience. Learn more about our technology

Tools of the Trade

Tap into our real-time dashboard and reporting system at any time. Manage your mobile advertising inventory, check reporting, track your earnings and view revenue. Our publisher optimization technology ensures you are earning the highest revenue possible while presenting users with an engaging experience.

Strength in Numbers

While everyone acknowledges mobile traffic has reached critical mass, it’s still small relative to online. Alone, even the world’s top web publishers find they don’t have the necessary reach. They require a network solution to effectively monetize mobile inventory.

Media planners aim to buy inventory at scale. When you partner with Mobile Theory, you’re also partnering with other sites and apps whose premium content, context and audience compliments your own to create an irresistible mobile display advertising opportunity. To the mutual benefit of all publishers, we use strength in numbers to secure campaigns none would get by going it alone.