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Not All Mobile Ad Networks Are
the Same. And That's a Good Thing.

We bring relevant blue chip advertisers and higher eCPMs to your door. By packaging premium apps with high impact ad units that move brand metrics, Mobile Theory has built a network that benefits the entire mobile ecosystem: app developers, advertisers and end users.

Well Connected and On Your Side.

When choosing a network partner, you want to work with someone that will maximize revenue of your limited, targeted and premium inventory. And deliver relevant advertisers. We work with app developers in a consultative fashion. Showing them how to enhance the value of their inventory. Performance based advertisers commoditize your inventory. Our focus is on advertisers that pay premium CPMs for brand-building media placements. And we monetize app inventory across the most popular platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry.

We can secure network buys that target niche audiences or make use of custom audience segmentation. We sell app-specific sponsorships, product placements and app re-skinning. We can even arrange licensing deals to send more revenue your way. It's all part of our arsenal.

Strength In Numbers

While everyone acknowledges mobile traffic has reached critical mass, it's still small relative to online. Alone, even the world's top web publishers find they don’t have the necessary reach. That's why you require a network solution to effectively monetize your mobile inventory. To the mutual benefit of all publishers, we use strength in numbers to secure campaigns none would get by going it alone.

Media planners aim to buy inventory at scale. When publishers partner with Mobile Theory, they’re also partnering with other sites and apps whose premium content, context and audience compliments their own to create an irresistible mobile display advertising opportunity.

You Can Never Be Too Creative.

Advertisers have spoken. They're asking for mobile ads that just can't be ignored. Our cache of solutions includes fixed banners, full page interstitials, expandables, video ads and interactive rich media that take advantage of phone features including camera, accelerometer and upload capabilities and offer a number of mobile-friendly response mechanisms.

These solutions generate higher eCPM's and have superior brand performance metrics compared to standard banner campaigns.

Flexible Management Tools
Built for Mobile

Manage your advertising inventory, campaigns performance, check reporting and view revenue through our real-time dashboard, reporting and ad filtering interface uniquely designed for the world of mobile. Our SDK is short, simple and easy to integrate.